SANTA FE – State Auditor Joseph Maestas today issued a statement following the passing of former New Mexico Governor Jerry Apodaca: “We lost a political giant yesterday. Governor Jerry Apodaca had the vision and foresight to transform the state government to the way we know it today,” Auditor Maestas said.                                                                                                                     

“Gov. Apodaca’s vision and leadership continued to influence the state well beyond his years in the Governor’s office,” Auditor Maestas said, noting that governors at the time were term limited to nonconsecutive terms. “I can only imagine the kind of transformational change he could have enacted had he served another term.”

After his term as governor, Apodaca continued to blaze a trail for Hispanics and people of color in politics and in corporate boardrooms, Maestas added. “He may’ve been even more impactful after he left the Governor’s office.”.

As a self-professed “weekend warrior” athlete himself, Auditor Maestas pointed to Apodaca’s athletic legacy and its impact on his business and political career. Apodaca “developed a sense of vigor and energy as a standout athlete, and he brought that same vigor to the office,” he said.

“From myself and all the staff at the Office of the State Auditor, he will be deeply missed, and we are grateful for your service to the people of New Mexico,” the Auditor said. “I want to extend my prayers and my deepest condolences to Governor Apodaca’s family. We will never forget the pioneer he was for all New Mexicans. He left this place that we call home a little better than when he got here. Muchisimas gracias”