March 28, 2023

Contact: Daniel Maki – 505-396-0829

SANTA FE— The Office of the State Auditor of New Mexico announces the release of the updated “At-Risk” List that alerts the public agencies that have not filed annual audit reports required by law or that are otherwise at risk of being noncompliant with state financial reporting requirements (At-Risk Lists | NM Office of the State Auditor ( This year’s “At[1]Risk” List now includes a new, third omponent list. The first component list highlights specific categories of entities that have not filed timely financial reports and now reflects the results of FY ’22 audit submittals. The second component list is composed of entities that have timely filed the required financial reports but whose independent auditors have concluded there may be material and pervasive misstatements in the financial statements (known as an “adverse opinion”) or that there is insufficient basis to form an opinion and any undetected misstatements could be material and pervasive (known as a “disclaimer of opinion”). The third component list is a new report of financially non-compliant local public bodies such as acequias or land grant associations that have not filed timely financial reports.

“Transparency and openness are my top priorities,” State Auditor Joseph M. Maestas said. “Highlighting these at-risk entities and finding ways to help them achieve financial compliance will only better serve the citizens of New Mexico.”

There are 404 public agencies on this year’s “At-Risk” List. The first list includes 52, the second 6, and the third has 346.

The new list this year shines a spotlight on non-compliant local public bodies, or small local entities such as acequias, soil and water conservation districts, and mutual domestic water associations. New Mexico has hundreds of these small local public bodies. Most of these entities receive capital outlay grant money to support their mission, but Executive Order 2013 prohibits them and all other public agencies from receiving those grant funds unless they are current on their financial reporting. The new Financially Non-Compliant Local Public Bodies component list will shed some light on the critical need for these small entities to be brought into compliance so they—and the people they serve—can take advantage of the capital outlay funds awarded to them.

The updated “At-Risk” list added 11 new municipalities to the five on the previous late audit list and added six counties.

“These numbers are concerning and finding its name on this list this should be a wake-up call for any entity, to get their financial house in order,” State Auditor Joseph M. Maestas added. “We have to find ways to shrink the list and not add to it. We have a lot of work to do, and my office is dedicated to finding ways to eliminate the “At-Risk” list altogether.”